Why work with Gunny? 
Neighbourhood Knowledge 5 / 5.00
Experience 5 / 5.00
Professionalism 5 / 5.00
Negotiation Skills 5 / 5.00
Property Knowledge 5 / 5.00
Communications Skills 5 / 5.00
Contact Expectations 5 / 5.00

Absolutely recommended! As first time buyers, my husband and I had pretty limited knowledge and experience in the world of real estate, but Gunny was fantastic at explaining complicated processes and was with us every single step of the way. In that sense, her approach is very hands on, very "old school," and very helpful. She is an excellent agent who honestly works for you and really, truly does want you to be 100% confident and satisfied with your purchase. She is well aware that for most people, buying their first home is the single most important (and expensive!) purchase they will make and she really does work to ensure that you get what you want. She was fantastic at pointing out pros and cons within the properties we viewed and knew exactly what questions to ask the seller's agents. This was really useful, since we were alerted to things we would have otherwise forgotten to ask to about/look for. Not only that, but she is very personable! We felt very comfortable with Gunny right away! This was really important to me because we had been advised by many friends and family that we must always keep straight faces with our agent, and to never let them know one way or another how we felt. But this was simply not the case with Gunny. We never, not once, got the feeling that she was putting her interests first. Both my husband and I absolutely felt like the priority and we felt totally at ease sharing our excitement right away for the place that became our new home. It has been less than a week since we closed, but we are now very proud first time home owners-and we absolutely attribute the stress-free ease of this experience to Gunny!

Reviewed by Christine Jessop

Gunny Tennese
Gunny Tennese